Our Colorado legislature, if you have not already heard, introduced yesterday, the “Death with Dignity” act. Compassion and Choices has set up their lobbying arm here in Denver, most likely for their goal of getting assisted suicide legislation passed in Colorado. They have seen success in every state in which they have concentrated their efforts. Previously they were located in Oregon, the first state to enact a “right to die” law.
The linked news articles below give example to the emotionally charged talking points of those that advocate for the purposeful killing of our brothers and sisters who are in vulnerable situations. Please, sign the petition, contact your House Representative and share this with others in a timely manner. And above all, PRAY!

Terminally ill offered ‘Death with Dignity’

Colorado Activists Push Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide, Target Elderly and Disabled

An excerpt from the Colorado Independent :
“……So far the bill does not have any official Republican co-sponsors, though a survey commissioned by Compassion and Choices, the national advocacy group for this legislation, found that some 60 percent of Coloradans support the idea. That survey, conducted by the left-leaning Strategies 360, also found 55 percent of Colorado Christians in favor. The survey had a +/- 4% margin of error.

Sen. Lucia Guzman, D-Denver, who is also a pastor, spoke to the issue of faith while introducing herself as the senate sponsor of the bill. 

“Nothing is more sacred than to have freedom of choice at this time,” she said.”

An analysis of the Bill from Colorado Capitol Watch:



Colorado Citizens for Life sponsored petition: