Human Life International’s Pro-Life Talking Points


The Pro-Life Talking Points series provides pro-life activists with clear and concise information with which to argue against common misinformation they will encounter while debating life issues. Feel free to download, copy, and distribute these one-page (two-sided) documents as needed. You can also add this page to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites via the “Share” icon in the upper right corner.


Keep checking back! We will continue to update and add new Pro-Life Talking Points regularly.



Exceptions: Is Abortion Ever Permissible?

Though only a tiny proportion of abortions in this and most other countries are due to hard cases—to save the life or health of the mother, rape, incest, and fetal deformities—pro-abortion groups portray these reasons as the norm.  Exceptions?.pdf 197.74 Kb

En Español:  Exceptions?-Spanish.pdf 252.65 Kb


Depo Provera

Depo-Provera: Injectable Abortion

Depo-Provera has both contraceptive and abortifacient effects: The Depo-Provera injection, given to women and girls every three months as a contraceptive, actually causes abortion in some instances.  DepoProvera.pdf 140.44 Kb

En Español:  Depo-Provera_-_Spanish.pdf 184.55 Kb


Pro-Abortion Violence: Setting the Record Straight

The Media Narrative for “Pro-Life” Violence is Seriously Distorted. The fact is that abortionists and pro-choice activists are guilty of much more violence than pro-life activists. Pro-Abortion Violence 625 kb


Why Women Abort

Very few abortions are due to health reasons, rape, incest, or abnormalities: Many people think that women obtain most abortions to save their lives or physical health, for rape and incest, or to avoid birth defects. This is a fallacy that pro-abortion groups continue to cultivate.   Why Women Abort 258 kb



Abusive Population Control

Population control history has been full of abuse: Since its beginnings in the 19th Century and especially since its exponential growth after World War II, the global population control movement has inflicted documented human rights abuses on millions of women worldwide.   Abusive Population Control 167 kb


Negative Effects of the Pill

Hormonal contraceptives have severe side-effects: Though the mainstream media and feminist groups typically present hormonal contraceptives as a boon for women, they overlook the serious side-effects reported in mainstream scientific literature.  Negative Effects of the Pill 159 kb


Does Welfare Reduce Abortion?

The connection between welfare and illegitimacy is well-established: Social scientists have long documented that when women are paid to have children out of wedlock, they are more likely to do so.   Does Welfare Reduce Abortions? 191 kb



Condoms fail for regular users: The condom is the most commonly used barrier method of conntraception in the world. Yet according to mainstream scientific sources, its efficacy has been grossly overstated by its promoters.  Condoms 409 kb


Fetal Development

A new human being is created at conception: From the instant the male gamete (sperm) fuses with the female gamete (egg), a unique human being with his or her own DNA, different from those of his mother and father, is present. After fertilization, there are 46 chromosomes (or 47 in the case of Down Syndrome) where there were two sets of 23 chromosomes before.  The resulting being is genetically human and alive, and therefore, by standard biological definition, a human being.  Fetal Development 891 kb

En Español:  Fetal Development-Spanish.pdf 829.42 Kb


Men & Abortion

Men suffer in the aftermath of abortion as well as women: Though not nearly as much research has been done on abortion’s effects on men as on women, considerable evidence shows that abortion often negatively affects men’s mental health and that a large proportion of men regret their partner’s abortion later on.Men and Abortion 162 kb


Does Legal Abortion Save Women’s Lives?

Abortion-on-demand has not saved women’s lives: Pro-abortion politicians and groups argue that without easy access to abortion, substantial numbers of women would die through illegal, unregulated, and unsafe “backalley” abortions. Yet the evidence shows death from abortion in the United States was very rare even before abortion was legalized.  Does_Legal_Abortion_Save_Lives.pdf 172.96 Kb

En Español:  El_aborto_legal_salva_la_vida.pdf 171.19 Kb


Obama v Life I: Before the Election

Barack Obama declared the expansion of abortion his first priority: During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama discussed a large number of pressing issues facing the federal government from the economy and health care reform to terrorism and the war in Iraq. He chose to make the removal of all restrictions on abortion his first priority from the beginning of his campaign.  Obama v Life I 139 kb

Obama v Life II: His First 100 Days as President

As both a state and U.S. senator, Barack Obama compiled a 100% pro-abortion-on-demand voting record, and he favored abortion-on-demand as a presidential candidate. In his closely-watched first 100 days as President, every relevant decision he made favored abortion. Below is a timeline of President Obama’s pro-abortion actions during his first 100 days in office. Obama v Life II 167 kb


Female Sterilization

The only medical procedures intended to destroy or inhibit healthy organs are those aimed at the male and female reproductive systems. This is the strange state of reproductive medicine today. Female Sterilization 184 kb


Planned Parenthood Targets U.S. Hispanics

Almost 80% of Planned Parenthood’s facilities are located in minority neighborhoods, where many Hispanics live. Hispanic women suffer a disproportionate 25% of all abortions. Planned Parenthood has developed abortion, contraception, and sex “education” programs to target Hispanics across the country.  PPFA_Targets_Hispanics.pdf 186.04 Kb
En Español:  PPFA_Targets_Hispanics-Spanish.pdf 245.05 Kb


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