Informative Movie Nights

Blood Money: The Business of Abortion

                  January 19th,   7:00 pm.

                        Ave Maria Hall

  • The untold history of abortion, from before Roe vs Wade, to the early days of Planned Parenthood, to today
  • Evidence that the courts and abortion doctors know that a fetus is a living human being
  • Testimony from former clinic owners about what really happens inside an abortion clinic
  • The testimony of women on the psychological effects after an abortion experience
  • The story of the abortion video footage that caused a former clinic owner to retire and become avidly pro life
  • Evidence of a racist agenda in Planned Parenthood, when it was still called the Birth Control League
  • Statistics on the effects of abortion on a crisis teenage pregnancy
  • Much more.

Also Showing:

An Award-Winning Documentary…


               …33 Minutes That Will Rock Your World!



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