The Flag Project


Flags And Numbers

What is in a number?  Most people do not have much of a concept of numbers.  For example, give most people $100 dollars and they will think that is nice.  They will think about going to a movie and dinner.  Give them $10,000 and they will be very happy.  Thoughts of new TV, computer and maybe even a deposit on a new car will come to mind. Give them a million dollars and they will think they are rich.  But other than paying off their mortgage and buying a new car many people would not fully understand the magnitude or full amount of a million dollars.  The reason for this is that the human mind is finite.  It is not able to comprehend such very large numbers.  Our minds also protect us from going crazy or becoming manic depressants by sometimes not being able to fully comprehend the magnitude of a tragedy.  That’s why it takes time to grieve after someone dies.  Also, when there are horrifically violent attacks that kill many innocent people, our minds struggle with how to deal with it.  We tend to become numb to such tragedies and either ignore them or grieve temporarily and move on without much thought.

The idea behind the flags is to make people aware of the magnitude of the number 3,500.  It doesn’t sound like a big number and most people should comprehend it.  But when combined with what each flag represents then it can become overwhelming.  Each flag represents one baby aborted each and every day in the United States.  One life lost is a tragedy and 10 or 20 is horrific.  But 3,500 is unthinkable.  We have become numb to this number out of self preservation.  If we dwell on it too much we might go crazy.  But abortion is a reality that is with us every day.  We can either ignore it and go numb, or realize what it is, what it means and work to change it.  Awareness of the magnitude of the babies aborted each day is one thing, realizing the total number of aborted children over 40 years is another.  Also for every abortion a mother and father is affected.  The ripple effect of abortion is of epidemic proportions.

But in all of this only one number matters and that is the number one.  One baby can be saved, one mother or one father healed through prayer to one God by one person at a time.



Oh Little Flag

Oh little flag standing on the hill
Keeping your peaceful vigil,
Through sun or rain or snow you stand so tall,
Because you represent one so small.
With slightest breeze a flutter is perceived
Like a heart that beats 18 days after being conceived.
With courage you silently stand erect,
Giving honor to a tiny life with great respect.
You represent only one of 3500 babies this day
Who with their life they will pay.
Some, with a start, will notice you so silent and so still,
Others not at all, too busy their own desires to fulfil.
But you courageously stand for a mother oh so afraid,
For a father confused and, with pity, a doctor who just wants paid.
You stand valiantly doing what must be done,
Fighting a battle that must be won.
Not unlike a Man who faced death centuries ago,
Doing God’s will He bowed so low.
Stood by Him till the end was only two,
Tearfully showing love just like you.
But from the tears and sorrow did He rise,
Life was new and death met its demise.
Even though you can shed no tears,
It is we who must face our fears.
Stand erect and for life we must fight,
Upon His love we will conquer this deathly plight.
But if in these days we choose to not stand,
There will be another day maybe not so grand.
For on our day of death before Him we will stand,
Will it be a chorus of babies 50 million grand?
Or silent will the verdict be,
God have mercy on me !

Thank-you to all who braved the cold to help install flags in the much-too frozen ground !



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