40 Days for Life ~ 2015 Fall Campaign


September 23rd. thru November 1st. 2015

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St. Mary Parish Day of Prayer

Saturday, October 17th  7am. to 7pm.

Rosary 10:00am. ~ Holy Mass 11:00am.

Location: Parking Lot across from Planned Parenthood

38th and Pontiac St., Denver

Sign-Up after Masses September 26th and 27th

 40 Days for Life‘s mission, in a focused spirit of unity, seeks to access God’s power through prayer, fasting and peaceful activism; to turn hearts and minds from a culture of death to a culture of LIFE resulting in an end to the tragedy of abortion.


Here It Comes (Again): Clever Word-smithing by the Death Promoters



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Caution: language change ahead


February 16, 2015 (MercatorNet.com) A group of right-to-die activists is searching for a new word for suicide by conducting an internet poll. They’ve got their work cut out for them.The results of the survey, which is being promoted on the website of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies, could be helpful in shaping a better public image for assisted suicide. (Fill in the survey here, if you like.)
The concern is that the word “suicide” is dismal. It evokes nooses, ovens, bullets, insecticide and 20-storey buildings. When Gallup asked people in 2013 if they approved of doctors “end[ing] the patient’s life by some painless means”, 70 percent said Yes. When they asked if they approved of doctors helping patients “to commit suicide”, that figure dropped to 51 percent. The word “suicide” radiates the baddest of bad vibes.
To supporters of assisted suicide, a self-chosen but violent death is a symptom of depression, a clinical condition which can often be treated successfully with medication. “This is very different from the situation in which suffering, terminally ill individuals choose to hasten their dying,” the survey says. “Such individuals wish to end their life in a peaceful and dignified manner, at home, with family around them. To most people, this is something else, not suicide.
”What is this dignified way of shuffling off the mortal coil to be called?

“Hard as it is to believe, the English language has no word for this different kind of dying, this hastening of death. The purpose of this survey is to find out if there might be a word or phrase that can be widely used to denote this different kind of dying.”

The survey asks readers what they think of the following terms: Continues…

Some Efficacious Vaccines are Produced Unethically



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By Dr. Jay Carpenter, M.D.

February 13, 2015 (CrisisMagazine) In recent days a controversy has arisen over whether parents should be required to vaccinate their children. Some politicians with presidential aspirations were criticized for defending the rights of parents to make that decision. As an internal medicine doctor, I believe strongly in the efficacy of vaccines. I also believe strongly that our vaccines (and all of our medical advances) should be safe and derived in a morally principled fashion.

There is an ethical concern about the measles vaccine issue that I do not believe the American public is aware: a component of the current MMR vaccine is derived from an aborted fetal cell line. More…

Urgent Action Needed !




Our Colorado legislature, if you have not already heard, introduced yesterday, the “Death with Dignity” act. Compassion and Choices has set up their lobbying arm here in Denver, most likely for their goal of getting assisted suicide legislation passed in Colorado. They have seen success in every state in which they have concentrated their efforts. Previously they were located in Oregon, the first state to enact a “right to die” law.
The linked news articles below give example to the emotionally charged talking points of those that advocate for the purposeful killing of our brothers and sisters who are in vulnerable situations. Please, sign the petition, contact your House Representative and share this with others in a timely manner. And above all, PRAY!

Terminally ill offered ‘Death with Dignity’

Colorado Activists Push Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide, Target Elderly and Disabled

An excerpt from the Colorado Independent :
“……So far the bill does not have any official Republican co-sponsors, though a survey commissioned by Compassion and Choices, the national advocacy group for this legislation, found that some 60 percent of Coloradans support the idea. That survey, conducted by the left-leaning Strategies 360, also found 55 percent of Colorado Christians in favor. The survey had a +/- 4% margin of error.

Sen. Lucia Guzman, D-Denver, who is also a pastor, spoke to the issue of faith while introducing herself as the senate sponsor of the bill. 

“Nothing is more sacred than to have freedom of choice at this time,” she said.”

An analysis of the Bill from Colorado Capitol Watch:



Colorado Citizens for Life sponsored petition:


Prayer is Needed to End Abortion!



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 The Warsaw Story

The Important Connection between Abortion, the Destruction of Warsaw and the Divine Mercy Revelations

The Chaplet of Mercy is a prayer that Jesus dictated to Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, a young Polish mystic, in the 1930’s.  He directed this humble nun to pray it unceasingly and to encourage others to do the same, attaching to its prayerful recitation a myriad of extraordinary promises.

The Chaplet is prayed utilizing the beads of an ordinary rosary and may be recited in about ten minutes, or sung using various melodies in about twenty.  (See How to Pray the Chaplet)  With the permission of her spiritual director and Mother Superior the sisters and young women they nurtured in the convent began to recite the Chaplet as the Lord had requested.

Instructions on how to pray this prayer were included on the back of Divine Mercy holy cards printed under the direction of St. Faustina’s spiritual director Blessed Fr. Michael Sopocko and they began to be distributed to the delight of the young nun.  Since her death in 1938, knowledge of and devotion to the Chaplet has spread throughout the world.  Thousands upon thousands attest to its power which has assuredly contributed to the consensus that the recitation or singing of the Chaplet of Mercy has become one of the most popular pious practices in the Church today.

Yet, despite its efficaciousness and popularity, many are not aware of the circumstances in which St. Faustina received this prayer and thus its significance for current generations.  Many are unaware that the Lord originally requested this prayer, in which we offer the Heavenly Father the Body and Blood of Jesus, be recited as a means to appease God’s wrath, especially for the sacrifice of the body and blood of the unborn child in the womb.

Early in her Diary, St. Faustina…Continues

Obama Administration Allows Fertility Clinics To Sell US Citizenship



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By Neil Munro

October 28,2014 (Daily Caller) President Barack Obama’s administration has decided to let the surrogate birth industry sell U.S. citizenship — and access to the U.S. welfare system — to foreign parents who never even set foot in the United States.

The fertility clinics will be able to pocket the profits, after granting access to American education, health, welfare and retirement services to the foreign children and the foreign parents.

The giveaway is accomplished by a surprise change in regulations, which redefined the term “mother” to include women who contract to carry other women’s embryos to birth.

“Under this new policy, a mother who meets this definition but does not have a genetic relationship with her child (for example, she became pregnant through an egg donor) will … be able to transmit U.S. citizenship to her child, if she is a U.S. citizen and all other pertinent citizenship requirements are met,” says the announcement from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The announcement, which was made along with the Department of State, is titled “USCIS Expands the Definition of ‘Mother’ and ‘Parent’ to Include Gestational Mothers Using Assisted Reproductive Technology.”

The change means that a woman who is a U.S. citizen can be hired…Continues

Littleton, Lakewood Planned Parenthood Exposed




Counselors Caught on Hidden Cam Giving Shocking Advice to ‘Teen’ About Porn, BDSM and Sex Shops

July 15, 2014 (TheBlaze) One month after releasing a video showing a Planned Parenthood counselor giving some shocking guidance about porn and “kinky sex” to an investigator posing as a 15-year-old girl, Live Action, a pro-life group, has released additional undercover footage from two Colorado clinics.

The clips come from Planned Parenthood of Littleton and Planned Parenthood Lakewood Health Center outside of Denver, according to a press release distributed by the organization.

One of the counselors can be seen giving advice about sex shops, porn and BDSM — information highlighting “a spectrum of sadistic sexual behaviors … including ‘whipping,’ ‘tying up,’ and ‘asphyxiation,’” according to Live Action. Continues with video… CONTENT WARNING

SHOCKING: Denver Planned Parenthood Faces Lawsuit in Child Rape and Abortion Scandal



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By Deborah Myers

PP-DenverJuly 11, 2014 (OperationRescue) Denver, Colorado — Planned Parenthood faces a legal challenge in Colorado after Cary Smith, of Federal Heights, discovered that clinic staff failed to inquire or report about suspected sexual abuse of her thirteen-year-old daughter after giving her an abortion.

It was any mother’s nightmare.

According to the lawsuit filed on June 20, 2014, Cary’s daughter, R.Z., was only about six when it all began. Her new step-father, Timothy David Smith, began to do things that no one had ever done before. At this age, she was too young to realize that her step-father’s inordinate attention was actually a crime—a felony: sexual abuse of a minor.

Little R.Z. turned seven, then eight. The years went by, and the abuse continued. But Cary Smith never knew. Continues…

Group Created to Support Catholic Health Care


July 02, 2014 (DenverCatholicRegister) To foster the partnership between Catholic health care institutions and the Archdiocese of Denver, Archbishop Samuel Aquila announced the constitution of a new health care commission for the archdiocese.

“The commission will offer guidance, oversight and leadership in the area of Catholic health care,” according to a decree signed by Archbishop Aquila and Chancellor David Uebbing March 12, and ensure that Catholic identity is “treasured and cultivated.”

The commission will be chaired by Lynn Grandon, archbishop’s liaison for health care, program director of Catholic Charities’ Respect Life Resources and executive director of Lighthouse Women’s Center.

“Our role is going to be one of support, encouragement and education to the institutions and team members,” Grandon said, “to really reinforce Catholic medicine and the ‘why’s’ behind it.”  More…


The Population Control Holocaust


(adapted from Robert Zubrin’s Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism )

There is a single ideological current running through a seemingly disparate collection of noxious modern political and scientific movements, ranging from militarism, imperialism, racism, xenophobia, and radical environmentalism, to socialism, Nazism, and totalitarian communism. This is the ideology of antihumanism: the belief that the human race is a horde of vermin whose unconstrained aspirations and appetites endanger the natural order, and that tyrannical measures are necessary to constrain humanity.  Continues…

Among the first to be targeted were America’s own Third World population at home — the native American Indians. Starting in 1966, Secretary of the Interior Stuart Udall began to make use of newly available Medicaid money to set up sterilization programs at federally funded Indian Health Services (IHS) hospitals. As reported by Angela Franks in her 2005 book Margaret Sanger’s Eugenic Legacy

National Catholic Educational Association Gets Gates Foundation Grant to Promote ‘Common Core’ in Catholic Schools



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By Joe Giganti

November 6, 2013 (CardinalNewmanSociety.org) The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation paid the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) more than $100,000 to support teacher training and materials on implementing the Common Core school standards, The Cardinal Newman Society has discovered.

The $100,007 grant made in September will only fuel division over the NCEA’s public encouragement for Catholic schools to adopt the Common Core standards, despite serious concerns about the standards’ academic quality and impact on schools’ Catholic identity.

The revelation comes even as The Cardinal Newman Society and other Catholic groups and dioceses—led by the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS)—are co-sponsoring a meeting in New Jersey with Catholic school superintendents, principals and educators to discuss concerns about the Common Core, a controversial education reform movement funded largely by the Gates Foundation.  Continue reading…

Originally published by Catholic Education Daily, an online publication of The Cardinal Newman Society.

A Catholic Response to the Demise of Rational Public Discourse



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by James Kalb  

daniel-in-the-lions-den-briton-riviereTo follow the news today is to get the impression that public life, in the sense of rational discussion oriented toward some reasonable understanding of the common good, has come to an end. Everyone notices the partisanship, the bad faith, the indifference to truth, and the substitution of entertainment for hard news. Catholics in particular notice the disappearance of natural law reasoning, even in the informal everyday form that had always upheld principles such as the natural family and the protection of unborn children.

The dominant view seems to be that things mean whatever those with position and power can get people to accept, and claims to the contrary are rhetorical attempts to put something over on people. Such views are held not only by cynics, flacks, and operatives, but by many who hold positions of intellectual authority.

In some respects the disappearance of rational public life is not surprising, although the willingness to deny the reality and intrinsic authority of truth does seem odd. Continues…

UK Bioethicists Promoting a Second Wave of Eugenics



By Michael Cook

September 14, 2012 (BioEdge.org) Eugenics is alive and well in British academia. Stephen Wilkinson, of Lancaster University, recently published a long discussion paper, “Eugenics and the Ethics of Selective Reproduction”, together with another bioethicist, Eve Garrard.

Their focus is the moral challenges that IVF and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) offer to parents who want a child of a particular type. After carefully framing the arguments, they endorse: embryo selection techniques to avoid disease and disability in children, selecting embryos to produce a child with a disability such as deafness, and sex selection.

All these are examples of second wave eugenics, in which decisions about the future of a child lie in the hands of parents rather than the state.

But the most interesting part of the paper is their discussion of the use of the word eugenics. Ever since the Nazis implemented their brutal policies of racial and genetic hygiene, use of the word eugenics has been taboo continues…

Eugenics Revived

If you search in Google News for “eugenics”, the principal story comes from North Carolina. Its legislature recently voted to distribute US$10 million to victims of its former eugenics law. Of the 7,600 people who were involuntarily sterilized in North Carolina, only about 200 are still alive. But compensation is a gesture worth making…

…So it’s a bit odd to read that British academics are promoting eugenics all over again. In a discussion paper sponsored by the Wellcome Trust, the world’s second-largest private funder of medical research, they argue that there is nothing wrong with improving the human gene pool, as long as it is done voluntarily and ethically. More…

The Global Spread of Fertility Decline



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By Marcus Roberts

July 12, 2013 (MercatorNet.com)

The Yale Global Online website recently published a piece by Michael S Teitelbaum and Jay c, the authors of a new book: The Global Spread of Fertility Decline: Population, Fear, and Uncertainty.  Their article is an excellent overview of the large demographic trends that we have mentioned a few (just a few…) times before on this blog, namely:

“…many people would be surprised – even shocked –  to know that over the past three decades, fertility rates have plummeted in many parts of the world, including China, Japan and even significant regions of India. These Asian giants have not been alone. In much of Europe, North America, East Asia and elsewhere, the average number of children born to women during the course of their childbearing years has fallen to unprecedentedly low levels.”

It seems that more and more people, including the article’s authors, are reporting on the fact that the popular notion of future, unrestrained population growth is incorrect:


‘Heads should roll’: Pro-life leaders react to U.S. Bishops agency’s funding of abortion giant PSI



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By Patrick B. Craine

July 19, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Pro-life leaders are expressing outrage after LifeSiteNews.com revealed Thursday that the U.S. Bishops’ foreign relief agency is funding a leading abortion-marketing firm.

Catholic Relief Services is distributing a two-year $2.7 million grant to Population Services International (PSI), which networks and trains local providers throughout the developing world to offer “safe abortion.”

“Somebody has to get fired over this,” said Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM). “We fight groups like PSI all over the world and now we find our own church funds them. It’s disgusting and for one I am bone-weary of these types of revelations. Heads should roll.”

Fr. Shenan Boquet, president of Human Life International, said he finds it “incomprehensible” that an organization like PSI was deemed worthy of Catholic funds. More…

The Power of the Powerless



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By Chris deVinck

July 17, 2013 (NationalRightToLifeNews) Editor’s note. Mr. deVinck is author of one of the greatest books we ever reviewed at National Right to Life News—“The Power of the Powerless: a brother’s legacy of love.” He subsequently wrote the following essay for us, which appeared in the August 10, 1999, edition of NRL News. It is, in every sense, perfect for our year-long “Roe at 40” series in which we are running some of the best stories from NRL News going all the way back to 1973! Please share this with your friends, using your social networks.



power of the powerlessOn the front page of the New York Times this past April, there appeared a story about the impending appointment of Peter Singer, a controversial Australian bioethicist, who was to assume the prestigious Ira W. DeCamp Professorship of Bioethics at Princeton University’s Center for Human Values.


Professor Singer, according to the Times, is an outspoken advocate for euthanasia “not only for terminally ill adults,” the Times stated, “but also for severely disabled infants.” Not surprisingly, advocates for the disabled vigorously protested his selection.


The newspaper ran a helpful sidebar which quoted from Professor Singer’s influential textbook, Practical Ethics. One minute is all that is needed to understand why the protesters were so angry: “Killing a disabled infant,” Singer writes, “is not morally equivalent to killing a person. Very often it is not wrong at all.” Continues…

On contraception and the coming violence: Interview with Pope’s personal theologian



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by John-Henry Westen

July 11, 2013 (LifeSiteNews) For Fr. Giertych there is nothing difficult about the answer of why the Catholic Church forbids contraception…

“When sexuality is not tied with the virtue of chastity, which trains the person how to integrate the sexual desire within charity, then everything is rocked. And certainly we are seeing this once contraception became so easily available. We’re seeing, successively, the distortions of sexuality, and problems on the level of human relationships, of marriages breaking down, of a violent aggressiveness of women who are discovering that they are being abused as a result of contraception, and so they’re landing in an aggressive feminism, with rage against men. Contraception is leading to abortion, because it treats the potential child as an enemy, and if something goes wrong and a child is conceived then the child is easily aborted.”

Entire interview…

Hundreds call to adopt Down syndrome baby, save it from abortion



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By Annie Z. Yu

July 9, 2013 (The Washington Times)

When the Rev. Thomas Vander Woude learned about a young couple planning to abort their unborn baby that had been diagnosed with Down syndrome, the priest reached out and offered a deal: Deliver the child and he would help find an appropriate adoptive family.

But he had to act fast.

The woman, who has not been identified for her privacy and her protection, was just shy of six months pregnant and lives in a state that prohibits abortions past 24 weeks — which meant he had a short time to find a family willing to make a lifelong commitment.

So Father Vander Woude, the lead pastor at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville, Va., approached a volunteer who helped manage the church’s social media pages, and she posted an urgent plea on Facebook early Monday morning. Continues…


How Catholics Should Think about Immigration ?



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By John Zimirak

June 2, 2012 (Aleteia.org) There has been a concerted attempt by a number of Catholic leaders to corral public opinion among Catholic voters behind support for America’s longtime policy of permitting large-scale, unskilled immigration into the U.S. – even as our nation’s manufacturing base crumbles or is outsourced, as wages for the working class stay flat or shrink, and budget deficits threaten to crush our grandchildren under a mountain of debt to pay for a social safety net that has morphed into a hammock.

A number of prominent Catholics have tried hard to create the impression that there is a Catholic “position” or even a teaching on the right number of immigrants the United States ought to admit, and what kind of public benefits such immigrants should be offered. More…

Attack on Marriage: A Roundup of the Best Punditry and Analysis in the Catholic Blogosphere


By Tito Edwards

06/26/2013 (NationalCatholicRegister)

Cardinal Dolan: Striking Down D. O. M. A. a “Profound Injustice” – Matthew Schmitz, First Thoughts
Fr. Joseph Fessio Laments SCOTUS Rulings: God Help Us – Carl E. Olson, The CWR Blog
Supreme Mistake: The Supreme Court Decisions on Same-Sex Unions – Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington (DC) Blog
The Supreme Court on ‘Gay Marriage’: A Quandary of Confusion – Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture
Further Thoughts on “What Is Marriage?” – John S. Hamlon, The CWR Blog
What Price Marriage? – John S. Hamlon, The Catholic World Report
The Aggrandizing Court – David Mills, First Thoughts
Windsor and Perry – Rick Garnett, Mirror of Justice
Homosexuality and Doctrine – Ron Belgau, First Thoughts
Statement from U. S. Bishops on Supreme Court Rulings – Matt Fradd
D. O. M. A., Proposition 8 Rulings Could Have Been Worse – Eric Teetsel, First Thoughts
Archbishop Charles J. Chaput on Supreme Court’s Marriage Ruling – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report
D. O. M. A. Overturned, Proposition 8 Case Dismissed for Lack of Standing – Paul Zummo, The American Catholic
President Obama Won’t Press Churches to Accept Same-Sex ‘Marriage’. . . Yet – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture